1960 Annihilation

1960 Annihilation is the game where you act as a two-sided switch box operator. Just before the missile crisis, the fate of the world is in your hand. As you are double sided agent you will receive secret messages by U.S and USSR from their radio streams by the location-based radio channels. You need to decode the message by its special alphabet which is dedicated to its location. After you decode the message you need to transmit this message to the right base and right fraction. Just by few mistakes, you can cause a DEFCON situation and start a nuclear war. In 14 days time, you need to do your work without mistakes and help to get the heat down.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X
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Unity (any product)

Sercan Altun Game Designer & Senior Developer

Ozan Özkan Developer

Çağdaş Yıldırım Game Designer

Sezer Dalgıç Designer

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