Global Game Jam @ Ball State University

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Use the local site registration link to reserve a space for this Jam site.

There are some Windows and Mac machines available, but they do not have game-development-specific software installed. Please plan on bringing your own hardware if you intend to create a digital game.

We will have an informal showcase and reception at the end of the Jam, so plan on sticking around a little while and celebrating with your fellow jammers!

University Parking Services ensures me that parking should be no problem in the lot by Robert Bell. The signs indicate that parking is restricted until 7PM on Friday night, but they said with our 5PM start, we should be fine.

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18+ only

Recently Uploaded Games

Control Fermata by singing or whistling at your computer. You only get to take a breath if you hit a rest, and watch out for the end bar.
Endless runner where enemies move based on the frequency of the the color of light they match.
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