Yidhras Child is a First Person Shooter on a Space Station. You are an astronaut on the Scientific Space Station Beagle. You start in the security area of the ship and need to go to the Main Control Room to change the oxygen levels. You notice that there are Saboteurs on the ship that work against you because you hear them smashing doors. So you grab your weapon and your gravity gun and go. You can shoot bullets (on key 1) or a gravity field (on key 2) with your gun. You can only have one field. Every few seconds a solar wave (like a solar wind) occurs that destroys your gravity field. You can use the field to put enemies on the wall or to get to another level.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)

Andreas Bresser (Code Wizard 1)

Lena Herkommer (The new Da Vinci)

Kevin Müller (Code Wizard 2)

Henrik Nickelmann (Did the floaty thing)

Matthias Schippel (David Guetta)


Yidrah's Child was designed for the Global Game Jam 2017 at the University of Bremen, Germany. It was an 48-hour project.


We included pictures taken by NASA's Hubble telescope.


And we also had a lot of free pizza. Yum.


This game includes a lot of free models from the Unity Asset Store. Thank you for providing those assets!

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