White Noise

"White noise" is a symbolic game about escapism, it present itself as a musical platforming game. The wave of white noise is the main obstacle in the way of the player's musical journey through the illusions he's making up to bear the burden of reality. Play until the end!
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Another way in
Chipping In
Local Lore
Lost library card
MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
Created with Microsoft Visual Studio (C#), Piskel, Adobe Photoshoop CC

Level Design: Davide Gibertini

Programming: Massimo Isonni, Virginia Quagliozzi, Davide Gibertini, Piera Falcone, Elia Ducceschi

Pixel Art:  Agnese Toni, Gabriele Taddei

Music: Emanuele Gilardi

Game Design: Gabriele Taddei

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