Wavey Gravy

A two player game of cat and mouse. There's a strange man walking around 2017 GGJ Vancouver. He's wearing some strange and monochrome outfit, bringing down the mood. The Jammers must stop him by being constantly stoked to keep on jammin'. Play against a friend. As a happy jammer, waving at fellow jammers to brighten the mood. Or play as the downer businessman to slap the joy out of the jammers, who despises communication and the free exchange of ideas. Sneak around and make sure the businessman doesn't identify you, otherwise it's all over. The slapper only gets 3 chances, because he is a tired old man.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Art and Animation: Photoshop | Sound Effects: Bfxr

Farga Krishnanta - Programmer, UI
Chris Qualizza - Programmer
George Padua - Game Design, Programmer
Kieran McCarthy - Art
Yili Lou - Game Design, Project Manager, Art, Sound Design
Brian Topp - Sound Design

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