A bear shooting lasers from it's eyes. And he is hungry for some fish. It does not get cooler than that! The game is designed to work with Tobii eyeX eyetracking. The laser shoots when your eyes are open, but careful, there is only so little laser in the bear.
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Another way in
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
.Net, Eye tracking equipment, Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Cinema4D and Blender were used for modeling, rigging and animation. Tested only on x64, but the game may work on other Unity supported platforms as well. Some testing code was written on top of XNA.
Installation Instructions: 

Download from here of from the alternate install link and run the main x64 executable from Release/fisutheittaa.exe

OR open the project in Unity editor and play (some extra information on it and on how to enable the eyeX support can be found from the README.txt file).


Concept, 3D-modelling, coding and troubleshooting: Jussi

Coding and eyeX integration: Ari

3D-modelling and art: Olli

Music (thanks to): Riku

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