Have you ever wanted to be a blob that creates shockwaves by jumping in the air? No? Well, there you have it anyway. You can only move and jump. When you land after a jump you create a shockwave that can kills your opponent. How to avoid it? Well you have to make another jump to jump it over!Challenge your friends face to face in a local multiplayer platformer for two players, shooting different kinds of shockwaves in a collection of randomly handcrafted levels. 2d retro atari-inspired graphics with randomized four color palettes for a refreshing change of style every time a new stage starts. Press space to instantly change them! Music and effects entirely made from scratch during the GGJ using two Korg Volca synthesizers. Controls Player one: Movement WASD Jump G Player two: Movement Arrow keys Jump Numpad 0 Gamepads are supported.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GameMaker (any product)

Game made by BearsInMind:

Stefano Bertoli, Alberto Bonalumi, Gianmarco Calbi, Mattia Busnelli

Font made by Daniel "Managore" Linssen

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