Design and developed by Chen Lyu The Game is not complete. I hardly ever use Unity 3D, I have to learn it and use C# on the first day. It is difficult to learn in such a short time. It took me 24 hours. Two of my companiond gave up yesterday. I've done my best... During the remaining time( < 24 hours ) I decided to use VB6.0 to develop a game, I refer to some codes and spent a lot of time thinking about how to design and develop it.-"Wave"! Like a human .Art, Which challenged me. Even though I have written as many core codes as possible, the game is still not complete. In fact, I think it is an abstract art game . The life in front of the player is a magical plant. Players need to collect lots of all sorts of soul fragments in 4D space. The Wisdom Tree, the Wave, whose body has two polarities, One part made up of leaf buds, which can collect the plant soul and and another root part can collect animal soul fragments. Furthermore, the tasks, basic programs and music , The world of wave-particle duality, It all could be generated by the smart and inventive Wave! Even if I haven't slept for these two nights I really want to finish it. The icon was created by myself, It looks not only like a wave, it also indicates a space-time tunnel, I want to mention that the game, you are playing, is actually created by yourself, by the The Real Beautiful Wave...
Jam year: 
Beyond the doors of perception (Tobii Sponsored)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Virtual reality head mount display (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, etc.)
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Windows System, It needs DX8 .

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