Water Sumo

Water Sumo is a game about Sumo Fighters dukeing it out on the water. They are sitting inside swim rings and have to try and bump each other out of the arena. In the middle of the arena is a device that regularly emits waves, which the Sumos can try and ride to gain more momentum, allowing them to bump the opponents further away. However, if they are careless, they can be flushed out of the arena themselves! Always calculate the risk/reward scenario of your plan before deciding to ride that wave!
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Download .zip and extrace to location of your choosing.

Launche the executable (Read the readme for controls)

Play in 16:9 format for best experience (UI not adapted to other formats)


Marjorie Figueroa - Art

Patrick Michael Hopf - Code

Lalanda Hruschke - Art

Theodor Horke - Art

Florian Delank - Design

Christian Fedrowitz - Code

Balduin Brandenburger - Code

Simon Kannengießer - Art

Bartek Trame - Sound

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