Wake Me Up Inside

What happens when an upper middle class product of suburbia and aspiring musician just wants to suffer for his art, but can't because everything in life is handed to him. Some people are born into suffering and destined to create great art... he has to earn it
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix, Android device

Nicholas DeLello: Co-Brogrammer, The Tiffany

Karina Dsouza: Co-Brogrammer, The looks

Benjamin Edelson: Lyricist, Audio Technician, There

Nolan Egan: Co-writer, Lyricist, Singer, Also the looks

Steve Coluccio: Character Artist

Rebecca Costano: Background art

Christian Pignataro: Lead designer, Writer, Composer, Singer

Naim Ali: Assistant writer,sound editor, slept for the rest of the team and looks good while doing it

Sam Leigh: Shoulder to cry on, Professional Wrestler

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