Until Wave

● EN: Until Wave is a tower defense versus game for two players. As Sam or Max, two 5 year old kids, wage a ruthless war from the heights of your mighty sandcastle! Collect seashells washed ashore by the waves to deploy a swarm of soldiers and take your foe's stronghold by storm. But beware! Nature won't always be on your side! Remember to allocate some of your resources to strengthening your fortress, or the waves will eventually get the best of you! Yaaah! ● FR : Until Wave est un tower defense joueur contre joueur qui vous permet d'incarner Sam ou Max, deux enfants de 5 engagés dans une terrible guerre de château de sable ! A l'aide de coquillages déposés par la marée, créez une horde de soldats prêts à tout pour détruire la forteresse adverse. Mais attention ! La nature ne sera pas toujours de votre côté ! Rappelez-vous aussi d'allouer des ressources à la fortification de votre citadelle, avant qu'une terrible vague ne le terrasse ! Yaaah !
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
REQUIRES XBOX CONTROLLERS - softwares used for development: Blender, Photoshop, Trello.com, Slack.com, Google Drive, Maya, Animate, Visual Studio, Github, Audacity, Reaper, Soundly, Illustrator, Abledon Live, positive synergy, friendship and the power of love <3 :-3
Installation Instructions: 

Download the zipped file, unzip it, double click the .exe file - as per standard.


Alexandre Bovorasmy ● 2D Graphist ● [email protected]
Danyl Bekhoucha ● 3D Graphist ● [email protected]
Umi Guillou ● 2D/3D Graphist ● [email protected]
Julien Geiger ● Lead developer ● [email protected]
Benjamin Ramaugé ● Game Designer ● [email protected]
Fabrizio Santoro ● Developper ● [email protected]
Aloïs Durupt ● Sound Designer / Music ● [email protected]
Yann Roirand ● Producer / Game Designer ● [email protected]
Thomas Bailly-Salins ● Game Designer / Developer ● [email protected]

Special Thanks:

Clara Legentil
Quentin Malapel
Brian Ravaux
Thomas Klein
Yohan Donse
Marion Chabrol-Supt
Everyone involved in the organization of this awesome event <3

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