Unsighted Abyss

Imagine exploring the ocean depths where not even a ray of light can reach. Finding a way back home, you and your marine have to face the creatures of the abyss with missiles and your new eyes, a sonar. The sonar is what gives you "light". Play it with your friend! One have to move fast, using keyboard to avoid enemies appearing from the abyss, and the missiles from above. In the other side, your friend using the mouse have to launch your own missiles to destroy enemies and get points! Trust your friend and escape! Watch out! You can only see enemies when sonar is active! Or you can do it all alone if you want too... Instructions: WASD / Arrow Keys - Movement. Mouse Left click - Missile launch. Have fun!
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To me, to you
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Not need installation.

Execute exe file.


Marco Elizondo - Programmer

Andrea Aguirre - Artist

Music by MaotSoft

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