The Unknown; the sequel.

The game is about avoiding enemies. The player controls two separate pieces of a spaceship. Inbetween the pieces there is a sine wave that pulsates faster as the pieces are moved close together and pulsates slower when the pieces are moved further away from each other. The distance between the pieces determines the speed of the game (enemies and player movement), If the pieces are close to each other the game is sped up and the other way around. The player has to keep his sine wave from being hit by the enemies. A player accumulates points on a constant bases BUT can get multipliers based on the length of the sinewave, longer wave is more multipliers.
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Lost library card
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Download the .zip file.

Unzip it to a place you enjoy it to be at.

Install and then start the game.


Design - Erwin van Hoof, David Oppenberg, Martijn van der Linden, Christian Kokott, Christiaan Bloemendaal, Eric te Molder, and Chi Wong.

Visual Arts - Erik te Molder, Chi Wong, and Martijn van der Linden

Programming - Christian Kokott, and Christiaan Bloemendaal

Audio - David Oppenberg, Yero Pharaoh, and Christaan Bloemendaal


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