In this game the nature acts as some variations of waves that destroy, alert and transform the society as we know it. The player assumes the control of elemental forces that are more powerful than the ordinary human engineering. The playstyle is basically a 4-point tap game with each tapping area located at one corner of the screen.
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Team Credits:

Cléber Paes Pereira - Designer; Felipe Teodósio da Silva Lobo Project Management & Sound Compilation; Renan Zuany - Designer; Rodrigo Nascimento - Developer; Taymon Chris Moura Canté - Developer 

Opengameart.org Credits:

Kenney; ArtisticDude; Little Robot Sound Factory; Yd; p0ss; Alexandr Zhelanov & IgnasD.

FreeSound.org Credits:

Thanvannispen; Pushtobreak; Dynamicell; Wim; Tc630; Herbertboland; Metrosirensynths99; Tayswiftie13; Johnson Brand Editing; Kyles; Saphe; Rgapcreative; Klankbeeld; Claracarpintero; Adriancalzon; Allanz10d; Thesubber13; Ryanconway; Limetoe; Olliehahn12; Thearxx08; Outdoor Recordings; Iamgiorgio; NenadSimic & Jasinski.

Special thanks to Opengameart.org, Freesound.org, the State University of Amazonas and Samsung Ocean for providing us such a great, talented and cooperative community.