A first-person suspense game where you are a blind child, using wave sonar to navigate through the house to find your favorite toy. All the while you must avoid a monster who is listening for your every move. Once you find your favorite toy, make sure you remember the way back to your room, because the monster will be coming to get you! When you are around the monster, don't move for a short amount of time and he will lose you, but don't sit around too long because he will eventually find you and get you. Its a game of balance, you must move to see, but you must also be silent around the monster. Godspeed.
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Also used: Maya 2017, Modo, ZBrush, and Adobe Audition.
Installation Instructions: 

A small window pops up asking if you want to run the program, accept and another screen will come up asking about your preferred resolution. You can continue with the default settings and then the game will start.


TC Schifflet - Development Manager, Technical Assistant, and World Builder

Carrigan Raketic - Art Lead, Sound Designer, 3D Prop/Environment Artist

Cassie Garcia - Character Artist, Prop/Environment Artist

Cody Birks - Character Artist, Rigger, Animator, Prop/Environment Artist

Robert "Chase" Askew - Prop/Environment Artist, Level Designer

Anna Polito - UI Designer, 2D Artist, Head of Marketing, and Concept Artist

Patrick Rasmussen - Lead Technical Designer, Lead Coder, All-Around Bad-Ass

Source files: