Interactive, audio-based ARG for iOS. Takes place in and requires user to be in San Francisco Embarcadero area to interact with and progress in game.
Jam year: 
Local Lore
Technology Notes: 
Built with React Native
Installation Instructions: 

Follow the installation instructions for React Native on OSX machines:


Once all requirements are installed, run:

npm start

in one terminal window, and in another, run:

react-native run-ios

This will open the simulator on your OSX machine and allow you to use the app from there.


Audio Engineering / Sound Design / Music / Abe Ruef
Ben Jones [email protected]

Programming / Story / Mobster Jimmy
John Teasdale [email protected]

Programmer / Mobster Warren
John Oksasoglu [email protected]

Voice Actor: Intro & Announcer
Willem Delventhal [email protected]

Voice Actor: Bratty Telegram Delivery Kid
Mark Mandel [email protected]

Voice Actor: Nervous Telegram Delivery Kid
Sherol Chen [email protected]

Voice Actress: Ms Simmons
Jessica Uher

Voice Actor: Passenger 1
Chase Kiefiuk [email protected]

Voice Actor: Passenger 2
Annmarie Thompson [email protected]

Source files: