Tide You Over

A pathetic castaway named Errol ends up stranded on an island after a storm hits his ship. Unfortunately for Errol, he is not alone on this island, cannibals hide in the forests just beyond the beach. Errol must appease these cannibals with food, drink and shiny items lest he be turned into delicious stew. While keeping the cannibals happy is easy at first, Errol must also watch out for his own hunger, thirst and sanity as each day he waits to see what the tide washes up. The player must manage these 4 attributes and work out through trial and error how effective each item is or whether something is just plain useless. See how long you survive for on the lonely island and make sure you keep enough for yourself to tide you over!
Jam year: 
Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Code:   Tom Greener and Thomas Katsikoudis
Art:       Alix Briskham
Sound: Joe Simmons

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