This game is about discovering famous painters thru their art, but with the a game played only by your eyes!...
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Beyond the doors of perception (Tobii Sponsored)
Old Masters
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Eye tracking equipment, Unity (any product)
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It's a simple Unity project that require the Eye Tracker device from Tobii.

Just open the project with Unity 5 and Play. You'll have to look closely at all the paintings to discover the next (14 paintings so far). Fog (in waves!) will reveal the paintings. It's a kind of serious game aimed for a real art gallery.


The Fun Art Gallery was created by:
- Laurent Bouvier, Game Designer ([email protected] +262 692 716 219)
- Thierry Brochart, Coder ([email protected] +262 692 188 168)
Both from BubbleFish Entertainment in beautiful Reunion Island!

The work on the fluid algorithm is based on the work of Jos Stam's Stable Fluids (for C#)
Pictures of Paintings are licenced as Creative Commons

There is an android version (using the touch screen for interactivity)

Have fun!

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