Taco Piñata

TOBII EYEX GAME To play this game, you need someone controlling the snake with Tobii and another player/players giving you directions to beat the game. ONLY TOBII EYEX CONTROLS. Taco Piñata. You need to eat tacos. The more tacos you eat, the more points you get. When you eat several tacos, some vultures will start spawning, and you’ll have to avoid them in order to stay alive. When you’ve been hit by a vulture, you lose a bell, and you’ll need to eat the bells on the screen when they appear. All of this with your friend’s guidelines. CONTEXT You’ve been sleeping for far too long. We’re on a post-apolyptic world, ruled by vultures, where tacos are your only chance to survive. By the way, we’ve also have some other mishaps: you’re now a snake, oups!
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