syncwave its a cooperative-puzzle game where your unique skill will need to be combined with your partner's to win the game. Two players are linked through a "parallel universe" where any interaction of one of the players will have impact on the other, but they wont be able to see each other. To complete a level you need to trigger the towers using the player B's zap gun. The only way for the player A to trigger the towers is through a portal created beetwen the two players which sends any object to the other world.
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Don’t say a word (ESA Sponsored)
MS Windows, Linux / Unix
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Technology Notes: 
Besides Construct we created a server on node js to be able to play this game online.
Installation Instructions: 

To play this game you need to upload the Node JS server  (it is on the source section)
and then run this command from the console on the server folder:

node index

Notice that to upload the server you will need Node JS, you can download it from here you can download it from here

Then open the game and input the IP address of the one hosting on the game splash screen.

to get the IP address to share you may run this commands:

windows open the cmd and run this command: ipconfig

ubuntu open the console and run this command ifconfig




Agustin Rey

Matías Mira

Santiago Roca

Leonel Zambroni


Gustavo Paredes

Pablo Orellano


Rodrigo Diaz

Special Thanks

Alvaro Obregón for the Great team logo

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