Surf Whisper

==== IT'S A ALPHA OF AN ALPHA! ==== Surf Whisperer “Surf whisper” is a two players runner game, where the target is to maintain the surfer on the table as long as possible while surfing. The first player controls the surfer and move him without see the game. The second player, called whisperer, can see the game and must lead him by using a microphone. Every time the whisperer speaks on the microphone generates a sea wave, so he must pay attention to his voice tone. The obstacles When the surfer catches an obstacle (as a buoy, a rock, or a relic), he must dodge it or he will fall from the table. Although the surfer can’t see the game, so he has to follow the whisperer’s instructions. There are also whirlpools that confuse the surfer for a time lapse, it means that in this time period he has controls inverted. Waves and equilibrium The surfer loves riding sea waves, they are generated from whisperer’s voice tone. the surfer must ride the highest sea waves to obtain highest score points. As higher are the waves that the surfer rides, as easier the surfer will fall from the table. To stabilize himself again, the surfer has to surf in the quiet sea, before he falls from the table. Game structure The scenario is composed by the open ocean. The camera is focused on the surfer that is showed from behind. The focus points are present in the horizon; From that points, the obstacles are generated to be moved long the three sea’s lines of the game. The waves propagates also along a lane, that changes during the game, but their width is given by the tone of voice whisperer. The surfer will have an equilibrium value indicated by a bar. When the surfer is riding the wave must be able to maintain balance, which will go increasingly to deteriorate depending on the intensity wave. In fact, the higher the longer the wave surfer finds it difficult to maintain the balance losing it faster. When the surfer comes out of the choppy sea, back to the sea "calm" slowly recovers balance. However, riding the highest waves, you do receive more points. So players will have groped to make the surfer to stay in balance on the highest waves for as long as possible.
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To me, to you
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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