In this game you are "Starnibal", a star that wants to know how astronauts tastes. Use the up and down key to move like a wave and try to counter that famous mid screen gravity (...). Try to eat them all (in a wavy motion) before the end of the time. If you miss one of the marionauts, use your super reset ability and press "Q" to restart the level, you filthy loser. Listen to our great wav(e) files while surfing through the space and oscillate between the planets and the corpses of your cute ennemies.
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Lost library card
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
- "Aseprite" was used to create our super funky pixel art - "Unity" was used to create bugs and then to remove most of them - "Ableton live 9" was used to make use of our guitar hero skills - No other software were harmed during this process

Clément Bailat - 2D Designer (sprites)

François-Xavier Aeberhardt - Coder

Guillaume Volgyesi - Coder

Jérémie Théodoloz - Level designer

Nicolas Graber - Sound designer

Quentin Bailat - 2D Designer (backgrounds)

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