The Stadium

Inspired by "the wave" that occurs in a stadium. Some ideas: - Regular timing of action - Lots of participants - Period of rest/observation/patience/discussion, and then short period of physical action Different from "the wave": - Different goals, secret goals - Ideally no social pressure to play Minimum of 8 players, but maybe less could still work. More is great. Sit in a circle of chairs. Extra chairs are fine. Place goal cards under chairs, one card per chair, at random. Tell players: I will start an audio file that includes 20 seconds of silence, and then 5 seconds of noise (and then it repeats). The game ends after 3 minutes. You may talk all you want but you can only move during the 5 seconds of noise. There are goal cards under chairs. Once you're allowed to move, you should get one and then try to win! Start the audio file on a loop.
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Crowd Control
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)

Ira Fay