Star - huge sphere of plasma, emitting light and energy, required for humanity life. There are the times when we can tame this energy. For that we had needed place a source inside the kernel and build synthetic planet with reverse gravity around. This allowed feed off an energy over and over again. But nothing not endless, system failed and trying to destroy the world and only adventurous hero ability to get there and reset it or else we will see nothing but an endless stretch of static, inky and black stillness. However he has only problem- this is under control of Artificial Intelligence… Gameplay: 2 players, 2 gamepads. You need to change our character: Artificial Intelligence or human. Every character has own unique skills. AI: - The wave hit - Asselleration of twisting objects around - Changing direction of twisting Human: - Teleportation ahead - Stop timing Need to achieve the kernel But remember , using your skills spend your helth
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Local Lore
Time Lord
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
.Net, Unity (any product)
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