Sound Drifter

Year 2167, after 3 years of reaching the Singularity the machines have rebeled against humanity! Now it's up to you, legendary DJ DaftPON, to stop global anihilation! Every single robot have a weak spot that can be exploited with the right beat. Stay on rhythm, hit your notes and crush them before they get you! Controls: W, A, S and D to play the notes. W-D-A: Destroy Notebot S-D-W: Destroy Mad Guitar A-D-S: Destroy Sterial Killer A-S-W: Destroy Metalheadhand (Note: It is advised to have these on a paper in the first few runs, it is hard to memorize at first)
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Lost library card
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Breno Ribeiro (Art)

Enrique Wicks Rivas (Program)

Jefferson Silva (Sound)

José Roberto Leite (Program)

Lucas Souza (Program)

Tiago Pinheiro (Art)