Soooooooo Last Year

Fashion wave after fashion wave - are you quick enough to keep up with the changing seasons? If not, you risk being 'sooooo last year!' and even worse, receiving a social media dislike. The aim of the game: Create a fashion wave and reach superstar status. Your must dress characters in the current trend outfit. If dressed correctly, you will set off a wave of followers. If you dress the followers in the same in trend outfit, more followers will come which will push your characters higher towards superstardom. Reach the star before the fashion season changes! Also top your score of social likes on your newsfeed. How to get liked? Dress your character in the latest clothing trend and take a selfie. Dress the character in the wrong clothes? Fashion Faux Pas! Dislike. Take a selfie without wearing the trending clothing? Fashion Faux Pas! Dislike. The more selfies you take with in-season outfits, the more likes you will get.
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Android device
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Unity (any product)





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