Sonic Shockwave

Sonic Shockwave is a fan game inspired in Bomberman and Sonic Shuffle. Featuring 4 local players, a crazy and euphoric gameplay set on a beach full of explosions, water and the classic ring hunting of the Sonic universe. We hope you and your friends enjoy playing this game as much as we did making it. Special thanks to SEGA and Sonic Team for being so cool about fan games using their intelecual property. All rights reserved to them, and a well deserved kudos, what a great company! Just plug 4 gamepads and enjoy this already! Can also be played with less players, even with just one, but dude, just invite your friends and ruin your friendship with our game. We promise it will be worth!
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Emanuel Flores Bermejo - Programming, UI, Sound


Lucas Suarez - 3D, Rigging, Animation

Fernando Balmaceda - Programming

Jose Falanga - Programming, Environment, Aesthetics


Special thanks to SEGA and Sonic Team

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