Singleplayer Mexican Wave

Press Enter on the start screen to start the game. Press the keys in the correct order to keep the game going. If you don't do it quick enough the game will crash, and if you succeed then you won't! I had originally planned to make another game with others but the whole thing fell apart so I knocked this together in the last few hours. Enjoy! BONUS - There's actually a multiplayer option! Just gather up to eight people and give them each a key to press. The lack of co-ordination is part of the fun!
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Even though I did it myself I want to thank Corey, Manuel, Orlando, Katie Daniel, and Tristan for being awesome people. I know our game fell apart and there were tensions but we pulled through and your company is good. Plus is the game didn't fall apart I wouldn't have been able to make an actual working prototype for our game :P

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