Sinbad the Augmented Sailor

This game demonstrate the usage of Aruco markers to identify coordinates in the real world. A simple model of Sinbad is drawn that moves in circles for the feeling of an augemented reality. These circles can be modified in size or the velocity and direction may be changed depending on the relative positions or visibility of the control markers.
Jam year: 
Linux / Unix
Technology Notes: 
opencv, aruco, ogre
Installation Instructions: 


You have to install OPENCV, ARUCO, and OGRE.

Then use cmake in the build folder to create the Makefile. Depending on the operating system, you have to manually add libraries in the variables of the Makefile (-l ...). Then compiles and runs the game.

Tested on Linux with OPENCV 3.2, ARUCO 2.0.16, and OGRE 1.9.

Have fun :-)


We want to thank the team of the GGJ17 and Bayreuth in particular :-)

Source files: