The idea behind Shipbreakers is that it is a versus game where everyone has a trireme with a naval ram. The objective is to ram your ship into others until you're the last one standing. You must row your oars to move your boat. Rowing your left oars is done with A/Left Arrow keys (or Left Trigger on Xbox controller) and rowing your right oars is done with D/Right Arrow keys (or Right Trigger on Xbox controller). Rowing only one side of oars on your boat will spin you, but row both sides at the same time to move forward. I did this project solo. Had I more time, I would have had a more complete game flow. I also would've implemented a lot more features (some of which I did experiment with but ultimately didn't have time for) such as: 1) Wind, weather, and waves to play a larger factor in the gameplay. Riding a wave and utilizing the momentum to make a high-speed, maximum-damage ram attack. This would've been expanded into more mechanics like maelstroms or hurricanes appearing on the map. 2) I wanted ships to have either cannons or archers with fire arrows that players could fling at each other at longer range. 3) Islands or rock outcroppings to populate the map to diversify gameplay. 4) Anchors that would be handy in keeping you in place through severe wind (but would make you more stationary and vulnerable). Perhaps add in a fun mechanic where you could tether yourself to rock outcroppings and slingshot around them.
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Another way in
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
.Net, Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
This game was made completely in Unity. Supports keyboard and Xbox controllers.
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As the game doesn't really have a complete flow, I haven't (as of yet) included an executable. If you want to try out the game, open the project in Unity (I used Unity 5.5.0p3) and simply load the scene called "Entry" and then press the editor's Play button.


- Cameron Gazey

Special Thanks:

Amber Arcii - Brainstorming ideas with me

Erik Nordeus - Tutorial and source code for "endless sea" creation and water/buyoancy physics that I experimented with.

Mike Allard - Viking font I got off of DaFont

Unknown author of the greek ship model I found for free off the internet.

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