Saintes-Maries: Van Gogh's Journey

You are a paper boat inside A Starry Night themed river. Avoid the waves from rain waterdrops and travel as far as you can. History from Wikipedia: In June 1888 Van Gogh took a 30-mile stagecoach trip from Arles to the sea-side fishing village of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer on the coast of the Mediterranean sea. Van Gogh's week-long trip was taken to recover from his health problems and make some seaside paintings and drawings. At that time Saintes-Maries was a small fishing village with under a hundred homes
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Marienkafer S. - Art Concept / Design / Programmer

Gihane Mendoza - Designer / 3D 

Luis G. - Programmer  

Luis Miguel C. - Programmer 

Carlos A. - Programmer / Game Concept design

Jose Vallenilla - Programmer

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