RSD (Rect Sync Defense)

Arcade/Rhythm. When "Missile Command" meets "Rez"... a response can be "RSD" (Rect Sync Defense) -- RECTANGLES ONLY Gamedev Challenge! -- Whenever you look closely and precisely at a wave using your best microscope, you realize that it's only made of rectangles. That's the world of RSD where you control RectBot, the last resort robot defense against rhythmic rectangles attacks. Well, this story may be fictional and not based on real physics. Use your mouse to control your aim, and fire using the left button. Your projectiles will be DELAYED on the next available MUSIC BEAT. Watch out for attacks out of sight! Press left or right cursor keys to explore / side-scroll within the area.
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Lost library card
Game Legacy
Time Lord
MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
Tools: NONE OF THE ABOVE : C++ and ALLEGRO RECTANGLES ONLY: - NO IMAGE ASSETS. Every rectangle displayed on screen is processed using drawing primitives. - NO TEXT EITHER. - Your score is encoded in rectangles too, thus defining a numeric system.
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip and run the release exe. (in 'release' folder)

Sources in 'src' folder.



by Anto80 (Design & Coding) on the right of the pic,
and Lucas Fleurance (Sound & Music) on the left.

Game Stills: