Ride the Trump!

Ride the Trump! follows U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump as he travels across the U.S. delivering a variety of speeches and talks at a variety of venues. Succinct and moving, Trump's words inspire the audience to start a rousing wave of the Wave™! Much to Mr. Trump's chagrin, however, certain stickler unpatriotic citizens are choosing to protest and refuse to leave their seats. Finger, with gusto, these naughty ne'er-do-wells to rouse them out of their seats and join in on the greatest showing of democracy since the signing of the American constitution. We're making tapper games great again, you guys. Great! (play the game by tapping people of the groups trump manages to offend)
Jam year: 
Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Built with Unity, Audacity, and the effort of hard working non-Americans.
Installation Instructions: 

Download the linked .apk and transfer it to your Android device! After enabling installations from Unknown Sources in the Settings > Security interface, simply launch the apk to install! Easy peasy, just like getting elected!


Derin Yarsuvat - Design/Programming

Gökhan Karagöz - Programming

Murat Kalkavan - Art

Işılay Şahin - Sound Design

Ahmet Tunay Öztürk - Programming

A certain special someone - President of the United States


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