In this game, the scenario will be modified based on the waveforms created using music files. The music files modify both the scenario, both the ammount of objects that appear on the screen. >> INSTRUCTIONS << > For PLAYER 1, use the left and right arrows on the keyboard to movement. For PLAYER 2, use the "A" and "D" buttons. > Also, there is a effect area around each player that can be controlled using a special button. For PLAYER 1, use the "M" button. For PLAYER 2, use the "G" button. When the effect area reaches the other player, both players are pushed in the opposite direction. > If a player collide with the other, both of them will also be pushed away. > Press the "ESC" button to restart the game. > CONDITION OF DEATH: touch the burning rooftop. =( > CONDITION OF WINNING: just survive until the other dies! =D Oh, and there is an important detail! If a player touches a meteor, the player's body will increase in size...so be carefull with your size! OBJECTIVE: Run away from the meteors and push the other player towards them. OBS: the louder the music, the harder it is to play to survive!
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Unzip the file and execute "PuLsE.exe"


-- Credits goes to --

Submersivo Game Studio

Bloom estúdio de Software

Marcelino and Instituto Federal do Piauí (IFPI)

Pixel Arsenal (owner of the visuals plugin)

Mom and Dad. ;D

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