Oh crap, I'm blind

Yesterday, Bob was a normal human being with a 9 to 5 job and a dog. But all that changed when he turned blind. Relying on his perfect memory of his local area and amazing hearing he has to tackle the challenge of being blind. You move around using WASD and the goal is to get to the monocles. The map shows you what the area you are in looks like, but you have to figgure out where you are. Headphones or stereo speakers are strongly recommended
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Lost library card
Linux / Unix
Technology Notes: 
The game is written in C++ using SFML for graphics and cAudio for audio. The sound was edited in audacity and the grahics are made in krita
Installation Instructions: 

Install SFML2.4 (http://www.sfml-dev.org/)  and caudio  (https://github.com/R4stl1n/cAudio)

Clone the files from github.

Create a  folder called 'build' and navigate into it

Run cmake ..

Run make

run the game by executing ./imblind



Frans Skarman

Robin Sliwa

Emil Segerbäck

Malcolm Vigren

Philip Scales

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