Nightsticks & Stones

A stealth-based tabletop game about a group of 4-5 prisoners who've escaped their cells and are now making their way out of the prison complex. Players must evade patrolling guards as they search rooms for useful items and move towards the exit. You can use pebbles to throw noise down halls and lure guards in the wrong direction, or sprint if you want to move faster and are willing to risk guards coming to you. Once you make it outside you see the barbed-wired topped wall completely surrounding the prison complex, and now it's you versus the spotlights. Will you slip past the beams of light and make it out first, triggering the alarm that will cause guards to catch all of the other players... Or will you be caught yourself and sent back to the start?
Jam year: 
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)

Thanks to:

Anthony - for the board material, cards & card sleeves, hot glue, flavor text, 3D knowledge, card stock, presentation skills, paper-cutter, ideas, rulers, play-testing, blueprints, and perseverance!

Isaac - For ideas, play-testing, snacks, blueprints, ID-card access to the building to stop us from getting locked out, and overall positive attitude!

Kevin - For extensive board game experience, play-testing, manual writing/editing, cards/reference sheets, measuring grids, and living on campus so there is a dorm available to sleep in.

Al - For 3D modeling, carrying around a cart with your own 3D printer and materials, guard figure designs, and 3D-printed walls!

Alexis - For manual art, coloring skills, card creation, ideas, every sheet of paper one could ever need, symbol designs, an armada of Sharpies, and the ability to go to sleep on time.

Sarina - Manual writing/editing, manual art / diagrams, ideas, designing / making tokens, project management, play-testing, actually working when eveyone else is slacking off, floor design, and beautiful puns.

Shoutout to: The only labs with color-printing being locked or closed for the whole weekend!

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