A game where two witches have to collect the broken souls of their fallen minions, the Mexican lycanthropes known as Nahuales. After being revived in their basic form as fireballs, María and Gregoria must travel together in the streets of a Mexican Town called Machtlalli de Jesús Maldonado collecting the parts of the souls of the Nahuales. Also they know the story that kept that soul trapped in the world of the living instead of gaining access to the region of the Holy Spirit. Two players share the keyboard, one pressing the L button to flip the horizontal direction of the witches, while the other press the A button to flip the vertical direction. Both have to communicate to decide were to explore in order to reach the broken souls. The game requires dexterity to domain each axis and mediation skills to decide where to explore.
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Local Lore
To me, to you
MS Windows, Mac OS X
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Unity (any product)
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This prototype is played only with the keyboard.

The contents in this game of this prototype are in Spanish for localization purposes.

The objective of the game is to recollect the 20 spritis scattered across the level.

In order to play the prototype on Windows, you must have the archive Nahual.exe and the folder Nahual_Data in the same folder.

Controls Keyboard:

  • Main Menu
    • A + L: In the Main Title to start the Game.
    • Spacebar:
      • From the Main Title go to Credits.
      • From the Credits go to Main Title. 
  • Game
    • Player 1: A to shift the horizontal axis.
    • Player 2: A to shift the vertical axis.

Spacebar: Pause Game.


Jorge Luis de Alba Jaime

David Castella López

Angel González Parra

Josué Ortigoza Ramos

Alejandro Jácome Valencia

Jorge Sotomayor Díaz de Cossio

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