Metal Hear Solid

Mantis, the Ocelots, and Snake were once military companions in the Mantis Corp. However, When the corporation crossed one line too many, Snake turned against them. Now Snake will use his stealth skills and radar-like hearing to destroy them. Once he can get past the Ocelots, eliminating Mantis himself will remove Mantis Corp’s ability to accomplish anything. But getting to Mantis won’t be easy… Snake will be in for the fight of his life. Directions: You play as snake using W,A,S,D to slither around the level and hunt for Mantis. As you move you will see the guards and mantis spawning sound waves as they move, However their identity is hidden. To reveal who is a guard and who is Mantis you need to hit them with one of your sound waves. Once Mantis is revealed you have to eliminate Mantis as quickly as possible! Mantis alerts the guards as soon as he is pinged and they swarm to find you! In the first level Snake has emerged from the water to hunt his way through a storage area and take the elevator up to the main base after eliminating Mantis. Once he arrives in Shadow Judas he has to eliminate the true Mantis commander and he has then saved the day!
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MS Windows
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Unreal Engine
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Unzip the Metal Hear Solid zip file and then run  the .exe


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Michael Osborne

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