Mech Revenge

Greg was an important employee, he was the one responsible for the project and construction of the main armor of Mech S.A. When he was no longer necessary, Greg was fired, beaten up and left to his own devices. But he managed to survive and now he’s seeking for revenge. In Mech Revenge, help Greg to stop Mech S.A. from using his armor to evil purposes. You must help him level up and grow stronger to have access to the main armor, made by him.
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Lost library card
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Carlos Artur Neubert - Sound Designer/Programmer
Juliana S. Degel - Screenwriter/Translator
Laiz A. de Amorim - Tester
Nilton L. B. Calegari Jr. - Programmer/Designer
Thiago Sant'Anna - Artist
Thomas A. Souza - Gameplay Programmer
Willy L. C. Majeski - Interface Programmer

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