Lilibeth's Parade

Oh dear!, Lilibeth must arrive to the end of the parade! In order to do this, she must say hi to everyone as gently as possible and allow her carriage to reach the end. This is a physical game that requires two Arduinos, a PC with Leap Motion, and Processing. Instructions are provided to reproduce the circuits. Code is provided for the digital part.
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This game uses a PC with a Leap Motion device, and two Arduinos connected. One of the Arduinos has an Arduino screen shield.
Installation Instructions: 

It requires assembling a cardboard model, connecting the Arduino screen shield to an Arduino Uno, and connecting two strips of 4 Neopixel to the other Arduino. Connect the two Arduinos and the Leap Motion device to the PC. See further instructions in Source file.

Here's a timelapse of the cardboard cutting and circuit building process:


Made by Yole Quintero and Ciro Durán.

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