Laugh Kingdom

Laugh Kingdom is a LAN network multiplayer game, where multiple players are racing against each other to collect the most jokes and fill their joke meter. The king has a terrible temper, and the only thing that will cheer him up is the most notable type of WAVE ~ the sound wave. All his peasants must collect jokes and funny insults to compete to become his court jester. The losers will be fed to the lions.
Jam year: 
I see what you're saying
Crowd Control
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Multiplayer - Data tracked on the server: - Each player: - Name - Transform - Animation state - Global state: - winner Messages from the client to the server: - NetworkTransform: automatically sends player transform to the server - NetworkAnimator: sends the players animation state to the server (mechanim state) - SyncVar - playerName: each player syncs its name to the server when game starts - Command / SyncVar - FoundLaugh: when a player finds a laugh that player's laugh count is updated on the server - Command / SyncVar - CheckWin: when a player arrives at castle with all his laughs collected Messages from server to client: - Every client gets transform and animation state for every player sent to it from the server - OnLaughCountChanged - sent to every player on every client when their laugh count changes - OnWinnerChanged - sent to every player on every client when a winner is set Things we aren't syncing: - Monster transform and animations - Each client has it's own copy
Installation Instructions: 
  • Download the .zip file and extract the contents.  
  • Then run the executable.
  • The game works on your local network with one player being the host.  
  • Under "Manual Connection", one person needs to Host and Join
  • Everyone else needs to enter that person's IP address and Join

Team Members

  • Ryan Worthington - Jokes, Music, Ideas
  • Adin Gates - Modeling (Remote)
  • Nathan Worthington - Level Creation, Design, Modeling
  • Jon Worthington - Programming
  • Jim Byer - Programming
  • James Batchelor - Dialog and Storyline (Remote)

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