From the team Très Bien Lesbian comes L-Wave, the first (that we know of) Robot Polyamory Dating Simulator. You are El, A lady robot Barista looking for love at her work. Use your L-waves to find other lesbians, hit space to interact with them. Play your cards right and you'll get a new girlfriend for every day of the week. Maintain healthy communication and relationships. Seek out the queers in the crowd! With the theme Waves, Très Bien Lesbian took it to meta levels. Sav, a queer history nerd brought forward the fact that WAVES is the name of the US Naval womens reserve. With Naval Lesbians in everyones mind and heart, and the agreement weeks before to make the queerest poly game they could, the team set off making a dating simulator. How would this connect in game play to waves? They pondered, idly drawing and throwing ideas around, when Sav, ever nerd, suggested Robots. Why? WAVE is also a robotic programming language. Welcome to L-waves, the queerest game we could make for you. * Disclaimer: Everyone on the team is either queer/poly/Ally of the queer community or a combination of the three, we swear we're not just being exploitative of queer culture.
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Local Lore
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

On Mac- Run Mac build! 
On windows- Same thing :p



Character Design/Art: Kai Lynk Level

Design/Art: Esther Moncrieff

Programming: Edward Whitehead

Writer/Designer: Savannah Ferguson

Music by: Mike Rowe


Sounds Sourced from: FreeSound.org

Sound from: Loughlin Connolly


Shout out to Giselle and the Global Jam Jam for giving us this space and time! Thank you to the helpers and everyone involved #Melb17

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