A hexagonal board styled game. Welcome to this beautiful island paradise amidst the Pacific Ocean! Since ancient times the native tribes have been fighting over the favour of the mighty Ocean God. Now it’s your turn to lead your village/yourself into a prosperous future and glory. Be the first player to reach the volcano in the middle of the island and sacrifice your most promising villager to the Ocean God in order to become the new ruler of the Pacific Realm. But be careful on your journey as the sea can be very dangerous! Protect your villagers from drowning and control the waves to attack other players and destroy their tribes. All hail the Ocean God! Good Luck….
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MS Windows
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Written in Löve2D
Installation Instructions: 

Run the provided .exe file.

Due to time reasons other platforms have to be prepared manually. See the love2d documentation page below.



Timo Müssig

Nicolas Poier 

Maximilian Kraus

Sophie Rekasowski

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