Kinetic Cauldron

*NOTE: we had a bug on the final stage of development that forced us to use the mouse instead. That means it DOES NOT work with Tobii, but a regular old mouse instead.* Kinetic Cauldron is a game developed on Unity using the Tobii Eyetracking controller. You are the apprentice of a telekinesis master and you need to practice. Help your master cook a potion using only your telekinetic waves. Focus your sight on the ingredient you need for the potion and move around with your sight onto the cauldron. Tobii's Eyetracking controller is heavily recommended for this game, as well as enabling it's Gaze Trace utility. Have fun using telekinesis, but be careful. You don't want to blow your master's lab up, right?
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Beyond the doors of perception (Tobii Sponsored)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Eye tracking equipment, Unity (any product)


Laura Del Pino Diaz

Manuel Adrian Galvez Gil


Elena Garcia Bravo

Game Design

Africa Curiel Galvez


Oscar Rivero Melo

Ismael Barea Insua

Special Thanks 

Granada Jam

Estudio Nemo


Global Game Jam

Ferry Hadriyan for the font "Chocolate Heart"


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