Hype Wave

Hype Wave is a game where you need to get the hype up for the game you are designing. In Hypewave you control a characters daily routines in a minigame style and by succeeding in them you gain more resources, like energy and ideas for building up your game's hype in PR events and interviews.
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Chipping In
Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Smash screen, it is an input device
Installation Instructions: 
  • Install apk (Android v6.0 and up only)
  • Sakari Parkkonen - programming & level design & wizard
  • Niki Varis - 3d & 2d artist
  • Tommi Matikainen - sounds & game design
  • Lauri Heikkinen - particles & animation & 2d art
  • Valtteri Lamberg - sounds & writing
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