Hello World

A journey of enlightenment by waving others hello. Hello World is a wave survival game where the player is a deity and has to enlighten his followers by holy-waving action (greeting them). Activate these "hello's" and "good days" by speaking commands into your mic! Psst: Get rid of them by insulting them. (Si tu sistema operativo está en español, puedes hacer comandos en español: "hola", "qué onda". etc)
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Lost library card
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
You can use a microphone to enhance the experience by greeting the stalkers. This feature is only available in Windows 10 platform. How to play: - Select start by using mouse - Move using WASD, arrow keys, or left stick on a gamepad - Wave hello by: * If you are playing on Windows 10, speak greeting commands into the mic like: hello, what's up, yo, hey, etc. (hola, buen dia, qué onda, qué hay, etc) * If you are not playing on Windows 10 or can't use the mic, you can use space bar, mouse click, ctrl or gamepad A button as a substitute - Don't let your followers touch you or else they will become a burden for you and loose your divinity! (There is a secret voice command that will make them go away: f_ _ _ o _ _ or f_ _ _ y_ _ in english, c _ i _ g a _ u _ a _ _ e en español)
  • Daniel Galindo - Team Leader / Game Designer / 3D Artist / Environment Developer
  • Luis Felipe Torres Peraguchi - Tech Leader / Gameplay Developer / Game Designer / UX Design / Music Programming
  • Luis Sandoval - Developer  / Gameplay Development
  • Rebeca García - 3D Artist / UI / UX
  • Álvaro Zuñiga - Animation / 3D Artist / Character Development
  • Hellen Basurto - 3D Artist / Concept Art / Colorist
  • Ollin Blackword - Composer / SFX
  • Alex Fallen - 3D Artist 
  • Federico Mejía - Visual Assistant 
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