He-Gassen is a computer fighting game based on Japanies culture. Subject of GGJ "waves" is implemented in the sense of the word swing. Fan is an instrument of air flow waves. Plot He-Gassen (Japanese: 屁合戦), is a Japanese art scroll created during the Edo period by an unknown artist. The scroll may have been made to highlight the political and social changes in Japan. Gameplay Each player with the aid of a fan tries to send food gases at his opponent. Each player can jump and swing her fan up or forward. Each player has four hit points. After the loss of hit points player loses. Characters The main characters of the game are two sumo wrestler. One of them was wearing a blue kimono, and the other in yellow.
Jam year: 
Old Masters
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
.Net, Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Download He-Gassen_Game.zip and play!)


Left fighter -

A - left, W - jump, D - right

V - forward swing, B - up swing

Right fighter -

LeftArrow - left, UpArrow - jump, RightArrow - right

DownArrow - forward swing, PageDown - up swing


Prokurin Maxim - Project Manager

Kordonets Sergey - programmer

Kivgylo Dmytro - game designer/ programmer

Melihov Nikita - game designer (pixel art)

Tkachenko Marina - game designer (pixel art)





Game Stills: 
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