Gamma Waves

Gamma Waves is an abstract card game in which players have to collect card that will shape a waveform. 5 min 2-4 players 96 cards
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Gamma Waves

It is believed by neuroscience that gamma waves are able to link information from all parts of the brain, it

originates in the thalamus and moves from the back of the brain to the front and back again 40 times per

seconsd. This rapid “full sweep” action makes the gamma state one of peak mental and physical performance.

Gamma is the brainwave state of being “in the Zone”. People with very high levels of gamma activity are

exceptionally intelligent, happy, and have excellent memories and strong self-control.

High gamma activity also corresponds to a state of peak performance. Elite athletes, top-notch musicians and

high achievers in all fields produce far more gamma waves than average.

As meditation and memory exercises are some of the known ways to stimulate the increase in gamma activity

in the brain, Gamma Waves is a cognitive ride throught the brain that will make you experience the potential

of your mind.

Gamma Waves - Get in the Zone!

Gamma Waves is an abstract card game in which players have to collect cards that will shape a waveform.

The game structure is in a simultaneous action selection in which the players will collect a set of cards that

combine into a long waveform.

The Waves:

Each wave cycle split into 4 segments.

A wave doesn’t have to start or end in any specific segment, since it’s cyclical, it’s only required to be


In each game the players must form two waveforms, blue and yellow.

Preparing the deck:

From the gray deck add only the ones marked with J to the deck.

- For 3 players remove all cards with 4+ marker.

- For 2 players remove all cards with 3+ or 4+ markers.


Shuffle the cards,

For 3 players, set one card aside.

For 2 players, set two cards aside.

Deal 5 cards to each player.

How to Play:

Simultaneously, each player picks 3 cards from its hand to keep putting them face down on top of the reserve

pile, none can look into the reserve pile, not even its owner.

The other 2 cards are kept on the player’s left side. When all player have selected their cards, the 2 cards are

handed to the player on the left.

When the player receives the two cards, it should draw 3 cards, filling up a hand of 5.

With 5 cards in hand, begins another turn, picking up 3 and handing 2 to the next player.

The game keeps going until the draw deck has no cards, when this happens the player will still pick up 3 cards

but the 2 remaining will be discarded.


When the game ends, each player must form a continuous wave of each color, the cards must keep the right

orientation, they cannot be turned.

The gray cards are wild cards, they can be in any waveform but must still keep it’s form and orientation.

Each player must count the cards that didn’t fit into a wave, the one player with less remaining cars is the


If players are tied, the one with the longest wave loses, if the tie persist, who used less wildcards is the winner.

If this game is too easy for you, try playing the Hard Mode.

Variant - Hard Mode:

This variant is for the ones who have mastered their skill playing with two colors.

The gray cards are now a third wave and there are no wildcards.

Prepare the deck adding all gray cards, remove 3+ and 4+ according to the previous rules.

After shuffling the cards, before dealing 5 for each player:

For 2 players, remove 2 cards;

For 3 players, remove 3 cards;

For 4 players, remove 4 cards;


Equipe Flipacoin

Abel Rosa da Silva, Ariel Rosa da Silva, Dórian Fogliato, Jackson Chu e Roberto Koya

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