Friday Night Fever

Join and dance with the flow of your favorite music. Hit the coming waves with the right color in order to survive the funk. Note that the game is in an infinite loop, so you can play as long as you can resist... "Can you dig it?" Keyboard keys: WASD (Yellow, Blue, Green, Red) Xbox Controller: Y,X,A,B Good luck and have fun!
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Uses keyboard + Xbox controllers.

Head developers - Cristian M. & Luis Miranda

Visuals and animations - Luis Medina, Cristian Medina & Jeniffer H.

Music - Luis Peña, Gabriel G., Andrés M.

Voice acting - Luis Peña

Gameplay overall programming - Jose, Luis Miranda & Andrés M.

UI design and programming - Cristian M., Gabriel, Luis Medina, Luis Peña & Jeniffer H. 

Thanks to

Newground, FreeSFX for the music used in this game.

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