An experimental, immersive, audio-only game about connection. Based on the poem, 'The Shout' by Simon Armitage, Embrace delves into the challenges and delights of human connection. || The game is played between two players using a simple audio track. || Playtime: 15 mins
Jam year: 
Don’t say a word (ESA Sponsored)
Android device, iPhone, iPad, Generic mobile platform
Technology Notes: 
Requires earphones/headphones
Installation Instructions: 

1. Play in pairs. You will need to play in a large space - outdoors is best.
2. Each of you should download one of the audio tracks to your phone/mp3 player.
3. Stand facing each other (about one stride apart - as you would for a conversation) and both press play at the same time. 
4. At the end of the experience, you may wish to swap audio tracks and play again.


Writers: David Harris & Georgia Symons

Sound design: David Weaver

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